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Background images are original patents on cutting machines dating back to 1919.
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5x10 Torchmate 3


Above:  Completed 5'x10' Torchmate 3 CNC Gantry Kit. Sold in economical kit form.  You purchase the steel needed to build the rail system locally to save on shipping costs. The kit can be completed over a weekend.  Only common shop tools are required, plus about 15 minutes' access to a metal lathe.

Whether you are a metal art or metal scupture dealer producing animal figures, a
contractor producing architectural metal shapes, an ornamental iron shop owner
fabricating wrought iron gates and railings, a school metal shop teacher, or a
welding shop or manufacturing business owner, a CNC plasma cutter can save you
more time and money than you ever imagined.
A CNC plasma cutting table produces cleaner cuts than bandsawing or other
processes.  Because there is no mechanical contact with the material being cut,
CNC burning is perhaps 10 to 20 times faster.  Furthermore, there are no bandsaw
blades to break or wear out.
With most cnc shape cutting machines priced at $25,000 to $50,000, the
majority of small shop owners have been denied this amazing process.  The average used personal computer has more thinking power than the high dollar cnc cutting tables. With this in mind we assembled a combination of cnc controls, software, and hardware that uses your low end Pentium PC. This is a full-functioned coordinate drive cnc flame cutting machine with a 4' x 8' capacity (it can be longer than 8').  It uses the popular CorelDraw software program to draw shapes and export them to our driver software so the machine can cut them.
If you prefer, draw your shapes in AutoCad, TurboCad, or a similar program and then simply import them as DXF files into our Windows based driver software for cutting. To help keep costs down, we sell all our cnc machines in an easy kit form that metal fabricators can complete quickly.  Only common tools and a mig welder are needed, and the project can easily be completed over a weekend.

E-Mail: sales@torchmate.com     Telephone: (775) 673-2200